Exciting Careers

A career in Advanced Manufacturing is as exciting as it is rewarding. Whether it’s developing the latest innovations in renewable-energy technologies or building the car of the future, many positions require a high-level of technical skill. Graduates work with computers, robotics and high-tech machinery on a daily basis. 

Employment Outlook

As the industry continues to evolve, Advanced Manufacturing is projected to grow in the coming years – increasing the demand for a well-trained, highly-skilled workforce. Because employers are finding it harder to hire qualified employees, graduates of the InternPLUS program will be better prepared to face the challenges of finding high-paying careers thanks to their hands-on experience and education. 


A graduate of the InternPLUS program can make as much as $60,000 in their first year after graduation. InternPLUS graduates start out with more experience than other applicants, and can expect to advance faster within a company.