Become an InternPLUS Partner

Help grow the workforce of tomorrow

InternPLUS strives to help employers overcome the skills gap challenge. While some corporations have found that recruiting and growing local talent could result in long term employment, others like to develop talent from within their organization.  InternPLUS both provides the industry with a qualified, highly-skilled workforce and gives its partners the opportunity to prepare interns for full-time employment at their facilities following graduation.  

Since interns complete paid internships and attend class throughout their academic career, your company can evaluate interns working in your facility. At the same time, interns will supplement their classroom work with additional real-world experiences.  This ongoing connection allows you to validate the interns’ technical skills and soft skills. By partnering with InternPLUS, your company can train a new generation of employees on the equipment you use and in the techniques you utilize -- ensuring a workforce that is ready to overcome the challenges your company faces.

InternPLUS programs can be tied to various Vincennes University majors.  For more information about the InternPLUS programs, please contact Vincennes University today.

Donna Taylor Bouchie
Vincennes University