Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advanced Manufacturing?What was once an industry reliant on a large workforce of employees trained in only a few aspects of the manufacturing process has transformed into one that requires individuals with a highly-technical skillset capable of creative problem solving and the ability to complete challenging tasks quickly and effectively. Employees in the Advanced Manufacturing career field range from the highly-technical skillsets of technicians, programmers and service engineers to those working in sales. InternPLUS graduates can make as much as $64,000 their first year after graduation. 
How do I apply?Those interested in joining InternPLUS will have to apply separately to Vincennes University and the program of InternPLUS in which they are interested. Qualifications, required documents and processes are different for each program and the university, so be sure to read carefully
How can I graduate without any student debt?Because InternPLUS internships pay students as if they were part-time employees, students have the opportunity to pay for their tuition costs directly from what they earn from their internships. With some participants earning as much as $30,000 from their internships, students can easily cover tuition costs while still gaining an income. 
How long will it take to complete InternPLUS?On average the program will take about two years, but different degree paths take different amounts of time.
Where will I attend classes while in the program?Students will attend classes at our main Vincennes University campus, at satellite campuses or a designated facility closer to the internship program.
What makes InternPLUS different from a normal Vincennes University degree program?InternPLUS is a Vincennes University degree program plus a paid internship that provides students with the hands-on experience employers demand. While some students can get a full-time job at the company for which they interned, all graduates will have an in-demand skillset and the advantage when entering the workforce. This is the plus in InternPLUS.