How It Works

Program Overview

First-rate Education Plus Valuable Hands-on Experience Through a Paid Internship

At its core, InternPLUS combines a Vincennes University education with the hands-on experience that can only be gained from working with industry-leading companies. In Indiana, the manufacturing industry employs one in every five Hoosiers, and accounts for one third of the state’s economy – with Advanced Manufacturing being an important part of the industry’s future. As demand for a highly-skilled workforce increases, Vincennes University provides the industry with better-qualified employees and prepares students to get the exciting career they want. While earning a degree from Vincennes University, students will also complete paid internships, making as much as $30,000 over two years, and with proper planning can graduate with little to no student debt.

  • Gain hands-on experience employers want
  • Graduate with little to no debt
  • Earn a degree in about two years
  • Have the competitive edge in the job market
  • Apply credits to four-year degrees at Vincennes University or transfer credits to another program.